Lil' Sucker Scarfer Vacuum System

Our Lil' Sucker is one of the most innovative pieces of equipment in the foam industry today. There is plenty of equipment to install spray foam, but only ONE machine designed to remove it, Efficiently. It scarfs, vacuums and bags in one easy motion. No hand cutting, scraping studs, stomping or compacting. Our Lil' Sucker Scarfer, vacuum system, will create tremendous savings, in terms of Time spent cutting, scraping, and bagging. You will have less trips to the dump, or less apparent waste in a dumpster. AND your "Recycle" options will be increased due to the finely ground up nature of the foam, once it has been scarfed with The Lil' Sucker. CALL FOR BEST SHIPPING QUOTE!!

Lil' Sucker Scarfer Vacuum System
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  • Item #: MAC-101
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Price $3,989.00